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Cruise America RV Rental To Celebrate 40 Years in Business

Mesa, Arizona June 14, 2012

Cruise America, the nation's leader in RV rentals and sales, is preparing to celebrate their fortieth year in business in July of 2012. The company has emerged from humble beginnings, and now flourishes as the leader of the RV rental industry.

According to President, Bob Smalley Jr., "The strong business ethics and service commitments of Cruise America come from a long history of family strength." Smalley went on to relate some of the highlights of the Cruise America history:

In 1970, having served as the president and CEO of Hertz for several years, Robert Smalley Senior started his own company called American Land Cruisers. Robert's sons, Bob Jr. and Randall, had just graduated from college and both went to work at ALC with their father. They started out with twelve rental motorhomes and grew modestly, surviving the energy crisis of 1974. They continued to grow and strengthen, even through the hard-hitting recession in the early 80's, and subsequently changed their name to Cruise America.

Cruise America Motorhome

Cruise America continued to flourish into the next millennium, as evidenced by the fact that they now have over 130 Cruise America rental locations and 13 sales locations throughout the United States and Canada, and their inventory has grown to over 4,000 RVs. As the used motorhomes are replaced, Cruise America offers them to the public, and has sold over 26,000 of them to very satisfied customers. According Cruise America CEO, Randall Smalley, "A business doesn't get to be that big and that successful if they aren't doing things right."

Cruise America offers their inventory of fully equipped, self-contained RV's, as well as an extensive list of their locations, online, which enables the public to make their selection according to their needs. On the site there are informative videos, featuring the many accommodations and convenient amenities that come with each model.

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