The Most Frequently Asked Questions About RV Rentals & RV Travel

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Most Asked RV Rental Questions

by Fran Crawford
If you have been considering renting an RV for your next vacation but have a lot of questions, read on. In the article we’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about RV rentals and RV travel.

In fact, there are recreation outlets across the country that rent motorhomes, folding camping trailers and other vehicles, giving non-owners the opportunity and flexibility to enjoy the excitement and freedom of an RV vacation.

Why do Most People Rent RVs?

The main reason people rent RVs is for vacation travel. Many travelers feel the journey is as important as destination. An RV is the best way to experience the journey. And, an RV can take you places where there are no motels or hotels.

When you travel by RV you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and you can travel in as much comfort as you want.

If you are intrigued and want to experience the RV lifestyle before actually buying one, RV rentals offer a great opportunity to do so.

Rentals also give you the opportunity to try and test various types of RVs to enable you to decide which one's best for you.

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Is An RV Vacation Expensive?

Not compared to other types of travel and vacation expenses. It can sometimes be cheaper and more comfortable for large families to rent an RV while vacationing even in peak season and with high gas prices.

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Can a Family Really be Comfortable in a RV?

Yes, If you rent an RV properly sized for your family. The right size RV is going to be at least as comfortable as the average motel room and it’s likely to be more comfortable. Remember, in an RV you can have your own bedding, bath towels etc. And, once you’re packed, the RV is your home for as long as you’re traveling. You won’t be hauling luggage in and out of motel rooms.

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Rental RVs Are So Big... Are they Hard to Drive?

No. Certainly driving an RV is not the same as driving a car, but your RV rental dealer will take you on a ‘checkout’ drive and give you plenty of pointers. Once you’ve been on the road a while you’ll get used to it and be okay. Remember, millions of people drive RVs every day... how hard can it be?

Do I Need a Special Drivers License?

Generally No. Some states may require a special license or endorsement depending on the size of the RV you want to rent. But in most cases your regular drivers license is all that’s required.

Rentals agencies require the people renting an RV to have a valid driver's license and proof of age. While some companies require the person driving to be at least 25 years old, others charge extra for someone younger.

Do I Need Special RV Insurance or More Insurance?

You will be responsible for any damage you do to the RV and RVs are expensive to repair. Check with your auto insurance company to see if your policy covers you while RVing. They may require a rider policy. Rental agencies also offer additional insurance but compare costs.

What do RV Rental Agencies Charge to Rent an RV?

Rental costs are dependent on the size, type and age of the RV. Fees may vary depending on the season and the number of days you want it for. Motorhomes range from $100 to $250 per day while truck campers and travel trailers average $50 to $120 per day.

Are There Other Charges Besides the Rental Fee?

Some RV rental companies include insurance in the rental prices.

Over and above the daily allowance, there is a certain charge for mileage.

There is usually a generator fee of around $3 per hour.

What Housekeeping Packages do RV Rental Companies Offer?

While most dealers require you to bring your own bed linens some rental agencies offer housekeeping packages like dishes, pots, pans at nominal fees.

A 'Personal Kit' would include a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, bath towel, washcloth and dishtowel. Approximate cost is $35 per person, for the duration of the trip. All items must be returned at end of the trip.

Do Rental Companies Require a Deposit Against Damages an Cleaning?

You will usually be required to make a deposit against minor damages and cleaning. This deposit is usually charged to your credit card so make sure you have sufficient credit balance to cover it plus your travel expenses. When you return the RV clean and in good condition the deposit will be refunded by way of a charge back to your card.

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